McLouth is a family community within approximately 30 minutes of Topeka, Lawrence, Leavenworth &/or the Legends Shopping/Business area. We are home to one of the longest running Threshing Bees in the nation, the "McLouth Threshing Bee". We host a sanctioned BBQ, the "BBQ Blowout". We appreciate our Veterans by honoring them, in April, at the "Patriots Day Parade and Celebration".


REMINDER - JEFFERSON COUNTY MASK MANDATE Started at midnight 11/10/2020 ends November 30th - subject to review. 

Mask REQUIRED to come inside of City Hall. 


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It is our duty, as The Governing Body of the City of McLouth, to obey the laws of the State of Kansas. We avoid any and all Conflicts of Interest. We operate with the most cost efficiency, within our proposed yearly budget. We support open rapport with our constituents and strive to improve our community.


Mission StatementCity of McLouth




Have a Gas Emergency? Leave the building. Do not turn on or off anything electrical. Go outside and use a neighbors phone or cell phone. to call 911. Your safety is our greatest concern! If in doubt, get out and call! 

Want to learn about Gas Safety? Click below

McLouth Gas Leak Safety Video 





            Bids must be sealed and must include the bidders’ name, address, phone number and an amount per acre bid.  Bids will be for a three-year lease period.  Bids are to be delivered by mail or in person to the City Clerk of McLouth, 110 N. Union Street, McLouth, Kansas 66054.

            Any interested bidder may obtain a copy of the lease and description of the property at City Hall, 110 N. Union Street, McLouth, Kansas 66054.  Call City Clerk, Kim Everley at (913) 796-6411 for additional information.  Terms of the lease are strictly in accordance with the written lease.

Bids will be received until 12:00 p.m. on the 19TH day of January, 2021, at which time the bids will be opened in City Hall, 110 N. Union Street, McLouth, Kansas 66054.

    Bids should be marked Hay Lease  Bids received after this date and hour will not be considered and will be returned unopened.  Oral, telegraphic, facsimile, e-mail or telephonic proposals or modification will NOT be accepted or considered.

            The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and is not obligated to accept the lowest or any other bid. 

            The bids will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disabilities or marital status.  Lessee will be responsible for full compliance with the federal and state labor laws.


Contact Us

110 N Union St.
McLouth, Kansas 66054
(913) 796-6411
(913) 796-6131 fax

M Tu Th F 8am-4pm
Wed 1pm-4pm
Closed for Lunch Daily 12pm-1pm

City Administrator /City and Court Clerk:
Kim Everley 785-691-8321
John DeLaet 785-813-5164
Dillon Sechrest 913-775-3430
Animal Control: 913-208-7725

POLICE DEPARTMENT: Chief Brad Williams, Officers- N Bauman, S Peters, T Courter, S Gerety, P Juedes 

CITY COUNCIL: Council President-Steven King, Council - Steve Horton, Don Nowak, Scott Weissenbach, Dixie Jones

MAYOR: Keith Meador


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Looking to help the community?  The Planning Commission is looking for a qualified individual to join the commission. This person must be a resident, living within the city limits, of McLouth, KS. Duties include: Approving Building Permits, Zoning Issues & Concerns and taking care of the General Appearance of our Great City! We only meet 4 times per year, on the first Monday of every quarter. Applicants must have an E-mail address as some permits are approved via email correspondence.   Interested? Call McLouth City Hall:  913-796-6411. 



UTV Registration

UTV Registration time is past:

All 2019-2020 registrations are now expired.

Renewal is easy. Bring your Drivers License, Proof of Insurance, $25 and complete the UTV form.

No time to come in?

(Click here for form) select "Permits" then select "UTV Registration" Print and complete the form. Attach a copy of your Drivers License, Proof of Insurance and your payment. Place it in the mail or use the drop box at McLouth City Hall or the Country Harvest Apple Market. I will mail your sticker back to you.

If you are registering a New or Different UTV it must be inspected, by the McLouth Police Department, prior to registration. Call for an appointment: 913-796-6783.

Keep each other safe! Register your UTV!



Festival of Trees:

The park is lit up!

Check out the tree


*All trees must be removed by January 9, 2021.
*Not responsible for stolen or damaged property.
*You will be responsible if your tree damages property.
*No Trespassing inside the tree the City Tree- violators will be prosecuted!
*Worried about a family not getting Christmas? Please send a message to McLouth City Hall, attention Kim, or PM me. We want to help!!
*We will miss seeing everyone but health is our main concern! Stay Well!


March 13, 2021:  Disk Gold Tournament 


Pet Registration

Registration is good from July 1st to June 30th (Annually)

Fees:   $8.00 fertile     $5.00 spayed or neutered

Late Fee: $2.00 per month/per animal

Register your animal in June to prevent late fees

You will need:

The vaccination form, from the Vet.

A picture of your pet.

Your Payment along with the form. 

No time to stop in? (Click here) Select Pet Permits then select the Pet Permit Registration Form, print the form. Include all requested information with your payment. Drop it in the mail or use the drop box at McLouth City Hall or Country Harvest Apple Market. We can mail your tag back to you. 

Question? Call us: 913-796-6411