The City of McLouth provides utility services for:
Water * Sewer * Gas * Trash

Have questions?

Call Kim or Debbie



Setting up your Utilities

  • Fill out and sign a deposit form
  • Bring it to City Hall with your driver’s license, social security card or other form of Official ID
  • $300 Deposit, check, cash or card – see clerk for details
  • Must be home to have gas turned on

Secure Payments through eGov Payments

HERE to look up your bill amount and make a payment.
Registration is required

Basic Charges

  • Water $23 for a 1000 gallons – water protection fee applies when applicable
  • $11 per each 1000 gallons used after 1st 1000
  • Sewer $30 for 1st 1000 gallons - $4 per every 1000 after
  • Gas $15.00 + tax, prices fluctuate with the current rate
  • Waste Disposal - $13.70 per utility customer, cart provided, Tuesday pickup

The deposit form and payment of $300 must be received before services can be turned on. Home owners will receive the deposit with interest, after 2 years of on time payments. It will be applied to the bill. Renters will receive the deposit back, minus any payment due, plus interest, upon moving. 

A request for services to be turned ON requires:
   *An adult over the age of 18 be present 
   *By appointment only  

Please see payment policy for payment details.

2019 Waste disposal schedule:

  • Memorial Weekend – Wed. Pickup
  • July 4th – Regular Pickup
  • Labor Day – Wed. Pickup
  • Thanksgiving – Regular Pickup
  • Christmas – Regular Pickup
  • New Year’s Day 2020 – Regular Pickup

Trash Service:
Service starts at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.
Trash is not to be set out before 5:00 p.m. the day
before trash pickup and empty containers must be
removed from street or sidewalk no later than 
8:00 a.m. the following day. 

Inland Waste Solutions, LLC offers recycling for a
set amount per month, cart provided. Pick up will be the 2nd
Friday of every month.

Contact Inland Waste Solutions, LLC.
for details: 785-232-9168.


Inland Waste Solutions, LLC. 

Utility customers should have a 95 gallon cart as part of your service.
If you do not, contact city hall:

Big Items:

  • Furniture, appliances, cabinets, etc.
    will be picked up free of charge 
    (limit one item/ customer/ week) OR Carpet rolls: 5 ft in length (10 rolls per week)
  • 5- 30 gallon containers of yard waste per week.
  • Uncontainerized rubbish will be trimmed,
    cut and tied securely in bundles of less than
    3 feet in length and 2 inches in thickness,
    weighing not more than sixty-five (65) pounds 
    with a limit of 5 bundles per week.
  • Containers for households must be 35 gallons or less, no less than 15 gallons, must have handles (no barrels)
  • Tree limbs/branches must be no longer than 3 ft, 2inches in thickness, and must be bundled in bundles not weighing more than 65 pounds with a limit of 5 bundles/week.


What to do if you smell a gas leak:

*Gas smells like rotten eggs*

  • Get out of the building
  • Do not turn on or off anything electrical
  • Call 911 from a cell phone or neighbors phone
  • Do not enter the building until it has been cleared

Things to post and remember: Keep a list of phone numbers posted and handy:
1. In case of Emergency call 911 (you can hear blowing or hissing, fire, or very strong odor of natural gas. Please go to neighbors or outside of the effected structure or area to make this call. Do Not turn any lights or switches on or off)

All other calls:
2. During work hours City Hall 913-796-6411
3. After work hours call: Wil Rodriguez 913-775-3430
4. Or: John DeLaet 785-813-5164 
5. 811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE (1-800-344-7233) prior to any digging or excavation.

Numbers you will need:

800.788.3500 (phone/dish/internet)

Giant Communication: 800.346.9084 (cable/internet)

KS One Call: 800.344.7233 (call before you dig)

Westar Energy: 800.383.1183
(for establishing service)

Westar Energy: 800.544.4857
(to report power outages)