McLouth Municipal Court

Municipal Court:

Judge - Chip DeMoss, Jr
Prosecuting Attorney - KiAnn Caprice
Clerk of the Court - Kim Everley

Court Location:

McLouth Fire House
104 W. Lucy St
McLouth, KS 66054

Clerk of the Court:

Kim Everley, CMC

Court Payments:

City of McLouth
110 N Union Street
McLouth, KS 66054

Prosecuting Attorney:




Please note: Diversions or Amendments will not be made on infractions within the School or Construction Zones. 

Court is the 1st Thursday of every month
Court begins at 5:30.
Trial Docket will be scheduled, per Judge.

Pay Your Bill
Court Payments here... Thank you for your payment. A convenience fee will apply.

Court Room Decorum

The conduct and demeanor of attorneys when present during any court proceedings shall reflect respect for the dignity and authority of the court, and the proceedings shall be maintained as an objective search for the applicable facts and the correct principles of law.

An attorney must always stand when addressing the judge and/or witnesses.

Attorneys shall at all times treat all witnesses, court personnel and other attorneys in a civil and courteous manner. 

All male attorneys appearing in the court shall wear a coat and tie. All female attorneys appearing in the court shall be dressed in appropriate attire for an attorney appearing before any court in this state.

Appearance in Court

When you appear in Court you will be required to obey the following rules:

  1. Appropriate clothing and shoes will be worn.
  2. The wearing of hats or caps is not allowed.
  3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Courtroom
  4. While the Court is in session, talking is not allowed, except with the authorized Court personnel.
  5. Cell phones and pagers shall be turned off.
  6. When addressing the Court of a witness, you must stand at the council table.
  7. There will be no smoking in the courtroom.
  8. No weapons allowed in Court.